Distinctives are characteristics of something that distinguish or set it apart from others. As followers of Jesus we have things that set us apart from the rest of the world. But as individuals we have things that distinguish us from each other. Just as God made each of us unique with different characteristics and passions – churches are made up of different people with different characteristics and passions.

Every Christ following church has a set of beliefs and mission critical objectives that unite them. But every church is a part of the larger body of Christ doing its part, working together to expand the kingdom of heaven.

So what are Radiant Church's distinctives?




We recognize God’s plan for the family and it is our desire to strengthen, restore, and care for families. Orphans, widows, marriages, parents, grandparents, and children are all a priority. In all we do we seek to build up the family as God designed.



God is irrationally generous to us. He loved us so much he sent his only Son to die for us, he lavishes us with grace, mercy, and peace. When we stumble and fall, we can confess and repent and he is quick to forgive. At Radiant Church we want to reflect to the light of Christ in irrational and incomprehensible ways through our time, treasures, and talents.



We will not become complacent or inward focused. We will intentionally, strategically, and sacrificially do everything in our power to see people restored to God by making as many disciples as possible.